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Roppongi House Map Roppongi House Building
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Roppongi, Minato-ku

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Roppongi-itchome St.
2min. walk

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Roppongi House

Guest House (2nd Floor)

  Room Type/Size Rent Status
  200 medium 56,000 yen occupied
  201 medium 53,000 yen occupied
  202 medium 53,000 yen occupied
  203 medium 53,000 yen occupied
  204 medium 53,000 yen occupied
  205 medium 53,000 yen occupied

Facility Quantity Details
  Living room 1 Living room with TV.
  Kitchen 1 1 kitchen with 1 fridge, 1 stove, 1 microwave oven, sink, toaster, water boiler and rice cooker. Forks, spoons, dishes, glasses and cups are included. A small dinner space with table and chairs also provided.
  Laundry 1 1 coin laundry machine and 1 coin dryer. 200 yen per washing/drying
  Toilet 1 1 western style toilet
  Shower 1 1 shower room
Available for all rooms Wireless internet connection for all rooms

Nearby attractions and handy spots Details
Minato ku Map
Roppongi is undoubtly the hottest spot for a foreginer in Tokyo and in Japan overall because of its foreigner-friendly enviroment since English is the principal means of communication here. Roppongi features a number of bars, night clubs and restaurants of a unique style for all budgets and tastes. Roppongi is in the heart of the Minato ward, which stands out as the ward with the biggest foreign population in Japan.
* Night Clubs * Restaurants * Coffe shops
* Tokyo Tower * New Year's Eve * Roppongi Hills
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-Read about Guest houses in our Room Types page.
Roppongi 3-4-3
Minato ku
Tokyo, Japan
Night Clubs at Roppongi
Restaurants in Roppongi
Roppongi coffee shops
Tokyo Tower
New Year Eve at Roppongi
Roppongi Hills
Roppongi has a large number of night clubs, most of them western style and foreigner oriented since most of their staff members either come from abroad or are Japanese fluent in English. Most night clubs at Roppongi are open all night long making Roppongi a very busy location 24 hours a day.
Most of the finest and most fancy restaurants in Tokyo are located at Roppongi featuring exquisite cousine from all over the world. Ranging from the luxurious five start restaurants to the more economic fast food shops, Roppongi restaurants provide options for every budget.
Roppongi also features a variated number of coffee shops that operate not only at night but also during daytime which comes in really handy for the tourist or the casual walker for taking a nice and refreshing break.
Althought not exactly located at Roppongi, Tokyo Tower is a spot very accessible from within Roppongi. Tokyo Tower is undoubtely a must-see spot for everyone visiting Japan.
New Year's eve is probably the most popular event to be held in Roppongi, since people from all nationalities and cultures gather here to celebrate the new coming year.
Roppongi Hills is one of the highest class neighborhoods in all Japan. Many celebrities and socialites have established their residence here and thus, a large number of high class services to satisfy the needs of even the most exigent can be found here.