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Room Types

Interhouse provides you with multiple room types in order to meet your budget, taste and needs.
Read more about our available room types below:

Guest House

Guesthouse It is the typical "Gaijin" House where you have your own private room but share kitchen, toilet and shower. You also use the common laundry and dryer. This has its economic benefits because you don' have to pay any extra expenses other than the rent for your room so you can use as much water, electricity and gas as you need. Everything is included in your rent.

You also have free services such as cleaning of the common areas, internet access, TV and air conditioner. Not to mention the opportunity to make a lot of friends from any country. Meet people from over 20 countries in our guest houses!!

If you are interested in a Guest House visit our sections for Shimbashi, Akasaka, Komazawa and Yoga.

Capsule Rooms

Capsule Rooms This type of room is available only in Ginza Palace and is our most economic option. This room consists of a capsule stacked in the wall of your room serving which is your sleep space. It is deep and wide inside, also very quiet. You will enjoy a very profound and pleasant sleep time inside. Outside the capsule you still have space for your luggage and other stuff, as well as for a small desk and chair. This option is perfect for those people who need a room only for sleeping or just spending the night after hard work and do not wish to pay an expensive rent. Our capsule rooms are available from 39,000 yen a month!

If you are interested in a Capsule Room visit Shimbashi


Semi-apartments This is yet another economic choice. It is pretty much a combination between an apartment and a guest house, because unlike apartments you share either toilet or shower like in a guest house, but you have your own private kitchen like in an apartment. However, utilities are not included in your rent unlike a guest house.

If you are interested in a Semi-apartment visit our section for Sangenjaya.


Apartments This is our most comfortable and luxurious choice. Apartments are known in Japan as "mansion". These rooms are totally private and furnished with a kitchen, toilet and shower. You have also a TV and air conditioner. However, utilities are not included in your rent.

If you are interested in an Apartment visit our section for Sangenjaya II.