Rooms Available:

Payment System

Our payment system is really simple, we only require you to deposit 30,000 yen as guarantee plus your first month/week rent fee depending the term you decide to stay at the moment you check in. You may reserve your stay on a weekly or monthly basis and the same deposit fee applies for both terms. Deposit is partially refundable as you check out.

-You get 25,000 yen refunded from your 30, 000 yen deposit. We keep only 5,000 yen as room cleaning fee.

-Monthly is always cheaper than weekly. The fee changes depending on the room your take. Please visit the section for each location or ask the manager for more details about the weekly basis.

-Guest houses have all utilities such as gas, water and electricity are already included in your rent. You will not need to pay any extra money no matter how much you consume the aforementioned.

-For apartments and semi-apartments, you will need to cover the utilities yourself as much as you consume gas, water or electricity. Total expenses don't usually exceed the 20,000 yen a month.