Rooms Available:

Welcome to Interhouse! the international accommodation agency for everyone!

Interhouse offers you a safe and accessible solution for your accommodation needs in Tokyo such as:

* Central Tokyo Locations at REALLY LOW prices. You won't find lower prices anywhere else.

* Payment facilities: No key money, no guarantor needed, just a 30,000-yen partial-refundable deposit.

* Absolutely ALL ROOMS PRIVATE. In our guest houses you only share common areas, your room is completely private and furnished.

* Rooms of all sizes to fit your needs and economy.

* Full time air conditioner at no extra charge!

* Free broadband internet access. Wireless connection available in all the facilities (own computer required).

CALL NOW! 03-3707-8888 or 090-3674-0866 from Japan and 81-3-3707-8888 from overseas

All our locations are within the most accessible and convenient areas in central Tokyo. This would generally cost you several thousand yen per month plus facilities and other extra charges with other accommodation companies. However, in Interhouse we are aware of the biggest problem people coming from foreign countries meet in Tokyo: the high prices of EVERYTHING. In Interhouse we are really concerned about this problem and our goal is to provide you with an accessible and reasonable option to satisfy your needs.

So take the tour around and check out all our locations to choose the most suitable for you. Call us at 03-3707-8888 from inside Japan and at 81-3-3707-8888 from overseas or call our Management Department at 090-3674-0866. You can also contact us via our Contact Form in case you have any concern. We are waiting for your call to assist you.
- NEW GUESTHOUSE JUST OPENED IN ROPPONGI! check our newest guesthouse, located in one of the most popular districts of Tokyo, Roppongi Guesthouse

- 17 available rooms in 5 locations as of Jun 30th, 2017.

- Rooms available for rent in Akasaka, Shimbashi, Asakusa, Roppongi and Yoga houses.