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This is the events section where you will find about the multiple activities organized by Interhouse for our guests to meet each other and share experiences together.


Interhouse celebrated Christmas along with many of our guests. The place was Ginza Palace where our guests from over all the world had a great moment together. Interhouse took care of all the expenses, including food and drinks so our guests only had to put the fun. Share some of these moments with us below.
Christmas Party Christmas Party
This is the international environment at Ginza Palace with guests from over all the world: Philippines, USA, Israel and even from Japan as well. The feast has been served, just help yourself!
Christmas Party Christmas Party
One of the couples staying at Ginza Palace, Ayumu and Ikuyo from Japan. Our friends after some wine glasses but always very friendly
Christmas Party Toast and Merry Christmas from all Interhouse guests!
Every guest from every country having a great moment